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Machu Picchu and Unforgettable Adventures in Peru

Embark on a unique adventure through the awe-inspiring landscapes of Peru, beginning your journey at the iconic Machu Picchu. With our personally tailored tours, we invite you to discover the hidden gems, cultural wonders, and natural beauty of this enchanting country in a way that resonates with your unique travel preferences.


Palo Santo Sanctuary Retreat Center

Our center provides a sanctuary where you can embark on a profound journey of self-reflection, personal growth, and spiritual awakening. Whether you seek solace, rejuvenation, or a deeper connection with yourself and the universe, our retreat in northern Peru is an oasis of serenity awaiting your arrival.


AWAKE in TRAVEL®  is a fusion of adventure and growth. Meeting shamans and healers in the Amazon and the Andes, following the Inca trails that lead to places of power and knowledge, and connecting with the Peruvian nature.

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