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We are Vanessa and Pawel, two nature lovers, excited about travel and self-development. 

During our journeys, we focus on personal growth by exploring the most unique and powerful places in Peru & Brazil. With us, you can visit locations that are not frequent by regular tourists. 

We work with leaders and shamans from the indigenous cultures of the Andes and Amazon to help you incorporate ancestral wisdom into your everyday life.


-Pawel and Vanessa Ziarek


Name, Title

The idea of ​​a travel and development company was born during my personal research.

In 2011, I found myself at a crossroads and realized that I needed major changes. My life and work in London were a burden which I had neither the strength nor the desire to carry anymore.

I started searching, experiencing and learning. Each inner journey brought me insights and understanding that helped me discover a new direction. Many times I went beyond my comfort zone, shedding limiting beliefs about life and the world.

-Pawel M. Ziarek

I'm in love with nature and making heart connections with people from all over the world.  Being Peruvian and Brazilian gives me the opportunity to show these amazing countries as a native.   


I have been working in eco-tourism in the north Peru region for 14 years. My spiritual journey started 20 years ago with Buddhist teachings.  This helps me to stay positive and always see the blessings.  


I have been very fortunate to have had a multicultural life.  I have lived in Venezuela, Colombia, Panama, Brazil, Paraguay, the USA, and Peru.   I speak Spanish, English, Portuguese,  and a little Polish.    I'm so excited to meet you in our next tribe!¨

Vanessa Malaga Ziarek



Because in South America we feel at home.

We met in the Sacred Valley of Incas and quickly realized that we share the same dreams.  One of them is to support people on their spiritual journey. 


Pawel having a shamanic background and Vanessa following Buddhist tradition can provide a safe space for personal development and transformation.

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