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Apu Pitusiary - Golden hike on the legendary mountain /video/

Updated: Nov 10, 2020



The mountains of Pitusiray, Sawasiray and Kuntisiray are next to each other above the town of Calca in the Sacred Valley, Peru.

Pitusiray was a princess and the beautiful daughter of Orqo Waranqa, a local chieftain of Urco people. Her father had offered her hand in marriage to whoever could restore the water to his lands. Sawasiray and Kuntisiray competed for primacy. Kuntisiray ultimately won and was married to Pitusiray. Yet the princess truly loved Sawasiray, she ran with him and then fled to the hills of the mountains, believing they could escape and take refuge in distant lands.

They were found by the Kuntisiray’s and her father's soldiers. In punishment both were turned into massive glaciated peaks facing each other but never able to touch.

Kuntisiray was so overcome with grief at the loss of his wife that he turned into a mountain as well to the north of the two lovers.

Currently, behind Calca there are two mountains that are the Pitusiray and Sawasiray. And behind the two mountains is the Kuntisiray.

This hike takes about 3 - 3.5 hours to get to the lake at the foot of the Pitusiray peaks. Traveling in the dry season guarantees us beautiful views of the sacred valley of the Incas, distant glaciers and an explosion of intense golden-blue colors in the strong Andean sun.

After reaching the top, obligatory swimming in the lake ;) , light lunch and relaxation combined with the exploration of the higher parts of Pitusiray.

Privately, I am lucky to live in the Sacred Valley of the Incas and having Pitusiray as my neighbor.

Enjoy watching!

with passion




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