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Huayna Picchu - Following Inca's traces

Updated: Nov 10, 2020



On the way to Machu & Huayna Picchu there is a lot to see, no matter what type of journey you chose.

It is said that many paths lead to the top of the mountain. There are no better or worse. They are simply different from each other. In this case we can chose a train or walk.

Both options give a lot of new experiences.


Machu Picchu – this place has many faces and personalities.

Every time I am here I experience it in a new way.

In the morning around 6 – 7 is usually hidden in the clouds creating an atmosphere of mystery. At this time I feel magic in the air and excitement in my body.

This is the perfect moment to begin our adventure with Huayna Picchu which is our main goal.

We will return to Machu Picchu later, when the clouds gone and we can see it in its full glory.

Now we start one of the most spectacular trekking routes in the world – Huayna Picchu.


To get to Huayna Picchu we have to go through a narrow passage connecting it with Machu Picchu. A stone stairs leads us up and down, as if the Mountain was saying „I'm checking you!” The way the Incas built this path makes me wonder...

Then we leave the main trail towards the tropical forest which seduces our senses – these colors, smells, sounds and a gentle touch of moisture in the air...

We walk in silence for about the next 30 minutes to experience this place fully...beyond the mind...


This part of our hike to Huayna Picchu leads through the forest.

It is very magical section of this journey.


We are surrounded by fog and accompanied by insect sounds and singing birds.

I once met a little bear here who jumped across the path in front of me.


Temple of the Moon.

This place is unknown to most visitors of Huayna Picchu.

I haven't met anyone here during my five visits.

We always stop here for a while. It is a place to refuel ourselves before steep walk Some shamanic meditation can also happen here...

Probably this place served as a portal to other dimensions / worlds - local guides say so...

After several minutes of a steep climb we come to a vertical wall. To get to the stairs above we have to climb up two ladders. This part of the route requires total concentration from us!


The last 20-30 minutes before the top is like a test for our muscles, hearts, lungs and mental strength. We often stop to catch the breath and enjoy the views this route has to offer - for a reason it has been called one of the most spectacular mountain paths in the world.

We agree with it and at the same time we appreciate what is given to us to experience.

Tired and sweaty, but happy we reach the top!

An unrestricted view around us appears to our eyes, but only if the weather is good and we are not stuck in the clouds.

(like on the picture below)

One of the most common expressions that comes out of the mouths after reaching the top is – WOW! (then there is silence and a mix of strong emotions that everyone experiences in themselves)

Even lower ahead of us we can see Machu Picchu.

This place is magical, it leaves me speechless every time I am here.


The way back is also a challenge for our body and the psyche (if you have fear of heights (like me ) then you may be tested).

When going down we have a few unique moments that arouse emotions in everyone...guaranteed!

Words are unnecessary...

Void in the mind and storm of emotions in the body,

But above all full concentration and focus at every step. Each subsequent breath fills every moment in the here and now.

There is nothing else than the present moment.

Love it!


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