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My Healing Path

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What Influenced me the most??

The meeting with the Amazonian power plants, working with the breath and family constellations by Bert Hellinger had the greatest positive impact on me. At the same time, traveling was the engine and the core of my transformation.

Ayahuasca appeard first on my way. The magic hidden in two plants growing in the Amazon jungle has opened to me everything that is beyond perception, limited by our senses and social programming. This medicine, as it is called by indigenous people, has revised my entire belief system. She helped me see part of me that I had been hiding from myself for many years.

The teachings of Berth Hellinger appeared immediately after the first Ayahuasca ceremonies. They came thanks to a man who became not only an invaluable support in my search, but also a true friend. Conscious entry into the family system allowed me to sort out old, unfinished ancestors matters. Thanks to this, I liberate myself from unfavorable burdens, gaining previously unknown freedom, lightness and the independence to decide about myself.

I learned the magic of conscious breathing during a series of Colin Sisson's Breath Integration trainings. I was going through a difficult time then, and practicing this method was a lifeline in the storms of everyday life. I learned how to deal with my own emotions and thus take responsibility for my own life.

Pawel Ziarek

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