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The journey to yourself ...


Our journey began in mid-September which is one of the best months to visit the Sacred Valley of Inca and Manu National Park. The weather is just perfect!

We met at Cuzco airport where Ashvin arrived from London.

The first few days we spent in Urubamba focused on internal shamanic work with the Shipibo shaman. We have done a sweat lodge called Temazcal. It is a perfect ritual to reset our minds&bodies from daily routines, thoughts, worries and long travels to Peru.

It also helps to start this journey like a blank page that we are about to start writing down.

During those days we explore the Andes and its ancestral spots. Moray, Ollantaytambo, Pisac, Machu & Wayna Picchu are just a few of the most important places in the Incas empire.

On the eighth day, we visited a special place - the hidden treasure of the area - Veronica!

In Andean cosmology, Veronica is an important Apu (spirit of the mountain) and the exceptional beauty of nature. The unique ecosystem allows us to enjoy the spectacular view of the glacier and two different types of forests with its waterfalls.

We always come here to disconnect from the outside world and reconnect to ourselves on a deeper level.

With Ashin we have done long meditation with one of the Peruvian plant medicine and later we took shower at the glacier´s waterfall.

Did you know that waterfalls are considered to be the purest places in nature in terms of energy? High vibrational washing technologies that take away all the heavy stuff from us.

We left Veronica regenerated and ready for the jungle...


After the first, pretty comfortable part of our trip in the Andes, we entered the real adventure in the Amazon forest. High jungle, as how is called starts right after the last mountain passage in the Andes - Abra Tres Cruzes (3600 m).

The Journey by 4x4 vehicle through hundreds of corners and bends is an unforgettable experience and the first test for those with hights fear.


The jungle welcomes us with blue sky, moderate heat and thousands of different sounds of nature.

To access our base we have to get to the other side of the river by cable car.

It is a simple zipline system that can carry max 2 people at one go. It hangs 5-6 meters above the river and the person in the front has to pull the rope that is attached to the other side.

Pretty interesting (adrenaline) experience. I love it! :D

(watch it in full-screen mode)


Our base is a simple jungle house that has no walls. We sleep in tents or hammocks, take a bath in the streams and relax at the waterfalls after hikes.

Sounds amazing but the jungle has also her shadows that everybody who comes here has to meet. She tests our comfort zone limits.

During our trips, we learn that Nature is a great teacher and if we allow ourselves to listen then we can receive what we need.

By doing adventurous active meditations in waterfalls and streams we were able to meet our own shadows, connect to the supportive power of nature and then fill ourselves with inner peace.

I am super happy to share with you stories from our trips, if you enjoyed it let me know in the comment area and share it on your social media.

Thanks for reading


Pawel Michal Ziarek

10.10.2022, Peru

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