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Veronica - The Mother of Machu Picchu

Updated: Nov 10, 2020


One of the most beautiful places that I have had the chance to visit in Peru.


Let me start with Andean cosmology because this place has a special role in the creation of Machu Picchu.

The Veronica glacier is one of the highest peaks in this part of the Andes - 5862 m above sea level and represents (vibrates) the feminine energy.

On the other side of the valley is the Salkantay Glacier, which represents the male energy. Machu Picchu lies exactly in the middle between them. Probably the Incas knew about it and, taking advantage of the polarization of these two powerful mountains, they decided to build their sacred city in that place.

Santuario de la Veronica is a family settlement of the Cechua people, lying on the edge of the cliff, from where there is a direct view of the glacier.

Below, we can admire a valley with vegetation not found in other parts of the Sacred Valley of the Incas. The micro climate prevailing here is unique and that is why this place has been included in the governmental protection program. Numerous biologists conduct their observations here. An interesting film fact - several scenes of the series Lost were filmed here.

This area - far from civilization, was permanently inhabited in the 1980s. Currently, for several years, its owner and guardian, and privately my friend - Miguel, opens the door to this place for the few. His mission is to protect and conserve nature in this region of the Andes, which is why we take people who are ready to receive what Veronica offers. The magic that happens in Santuario is unique and leaves all our guests speechless.

We get to the village by car, then on foot we go through the eucalyptus forest along the stream, all the time slightly uphill. The last part is a test of our physical condition, it is short but very demanding. It is worth mobilizing your strength - at the top there is a view that will amaze everyone. Sweaty and tired, we sit for a moment by the cliff and enjoy the view.

After a little rest and saying hello to Veronica, we drop our luggage to the rooms or tents and sit down to a delicious meal prepared by the chef.

We spend the evening by the fire with stories that come from Andean Cosmology and the personal experiences of Miguel's youth when he lived here with his family.

The peace and quiet that prevail here will allow you to sleep deeply.

After breakfast, we explore the area. We go down into the valley. You may feel the change in humidity and the rise in temperature, and the vegetation will become more tropical. We get to the other side and get a view of the glacier, Santuario and numerous waterfalls integrated into the slope of the mountain.

Our goal is one of them, where we take a refreshing bath. But before we get there, we have to make our way through a unique forest, named by Miguel and his family - Avatar Forest.

Depending on the trip plan, we spend two or three days here to contemplate, calm down, establish inner connection through communing with the virgin energies of Veronica.

The support we can receive here is an invaluable complement to our previous explorations in the Amazon. The expeditions that I invite you to have been designed to give you a chance for deep insight, integration and transformation using the power of places like Veronica.

Here we usually spend the last night before visiting Machu Picchu. Relaxed, grounded and energized, we are able to experience the seventh wonder of the world on a completely different level of consciousness.


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