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Andean village - Journey to another world /video/

Updated: Nov 10, 2020


This time we visited the local community that lives in the high Andes. Their village is located in a remote area at an altitude of over 4000 m.a.s.l.

Legend holds that a group of Inca escaped the Spanish invasion of 1532 and fled high into the mountains to form the communities of Q’eros. They live in relative isolation, far from the "civilized world" but in great symbiosis with the nature that surrounds them. The hike was not easy, but what awaited us there, exceeded all my expectations.

Several legends are associated with this place. One of them says that the Incas were born on this mountain. During our trip we could see the head of Inka on one of the peak of Pitusiray mountain.

In the part_1 you will see the way up and the entrance to the village.


We had the opportunity to meet a family from the local community with whom Martin is a friend. Privately Martin is my friend and Muay Thai trainer. About a year ago, Martin took five boys from this community to the Muay Thai competition in Lima. It was a big event for them and for the whole community. One of them - David is present on this video, and Martin is showing his family photos from that competition. Due to the prevailing conditions at an altitude of over 4000m above sea level these people live very poorly but their hospitality is great. We were offered a meal - roast potatoes, a bit of salad and a drink from corn - chicha. The place where they live is unique for several reasons, which I will tell you at the next episode. For those interested in visiting this magical place there will be such a chance during trips with #awakeintravel . And at the same time we will be able to support this local community in various ways.


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