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Ausangate - Two_day visit to Q'eros

Updated: Nov 10, 2020



A few-hour drive through the Andes is pure pleasure, especially in the good company of people with a similar state of mind. This state affects all those who enter the space of Awake in Travel expeditions.

We cover the kilometers with peace and attention, and the views from behind the window delight us. We stop often for mini breaks to enjoy the landscapes and to take a pictures.

The photos are not able to reflect what we feel, but definitely they bring you closer to your own trip to Peru.

We arrive at Ocongate in the early afternoon. Our hosts - the Queros family, welcome us warmly and show us where we will spend the night. A round, stone hut with bedding around the fire is impressive. The animals hanging on the walls, the stuffed skins of a small alpaca, fox, snake, bisque, and vikuna add magic to our accommodation.

While waiting for dinner, we go to the river to relax. With an accompaniment of the rustling water and the enveloping rays of the setting sun. In the distance, Ausangate 6384 m awaits us - the highest peak of Cordillera Vilcanota. The next day we will go near this holy mountain.

We spend the evening at dinner at our hosts and later taking pictures of the Milky Way, which is clearly visible in the Andes. Sleeping in sleeping bags around the fire surrounded by power animals is a unique experience.

After breakfast we set off to Ausangate. Vast expanses of valleys and the view of snow-capped peaks far on the horizon allow you to enter a contemplative state. Life takes on a completely different dimension. We get as far as we can, our off-road Subaru bravely tears through the bumps to an altitude of about 3800m from where we continue on foot.

After about three hours, we reach the lagoon - a place dotted with colorful lakes and ponds. Some are crystal clear, others colored white or green with minerals.

The altitude of 4,800 m is felt, headache and breathing difficulties are the first signs of altitude sickness. We approach the glacier to feel the power of Ausangate and then we head back enjoying exceptional views.

There are few documentaries showing the life of Qeros. I include a trailer of one of them here.


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